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    Anastrozole is to prevent conversion of testosterone to oestrogen while on cycle or as part of a post cycle therapy (PCT). If at all your nipples feel itchy or feeling puffy/watery, emotional or not as lean as you should be then you may need to take an selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). F..
    For bodybuilders who suffer with the side effects of trenbolone, caber or dostinex will help with gynecomastia, mood swings, bad sleep and sex drive decrease assosiated with steroids. Quite an advanced product, not really for novice trainees. Do your research on this one ..
  • CLEN
    Great cutting drug to be used 2 weeks on then 2 weeks off, expect to feel shakey when you take your first few pills but this should disipate everytime you use till you eventually barely feel a thing. The strongest safest fat loss tablet freely available. High dose tablets so start on 1 or even half ..
    Clomid raises natural testosterone as part of pct or fertility/TRT (testosterone replecement therapy). Can cause moodiness but has been proven to work, raises blood testosterone levels with great results. To combat moodiness try B12 and HCG. The Dr recomended compound in TRT so if youre serious abou..
    Diazepam also called valium is a drug for relaxation and sleep. The medical industriys answer to anxiety and insomnia. With better sleep almost always comes better health and focus, fat loss and mental stability. Chronic sleep deprivation is the silent killer of this generation.  ..
    Pharmacy grade diazepam from Europe. An effective sleeping tablet that helps relaxation and give you a great nights sleep ..
    Letrozole is for a fast response to gycomastia or to pre treat for drugs that cause high oestrogen like anadrol or trenbolone. Its very strong and generally tamoxifen and anastrozole should be considered first. ..
    Modafanil, the most popular concentration enhancing tablet is used for incresed mental focus. Stay sharp for a prolonged period of time. Mostly used by concert musicians and students but also writers and the sleep deprived. Inspired the movie limitless but realistically is more for immediate increas..
    Accutane is for removing oil from skin by stopping its production. Impoosible to get spots with this, will cure and prevent acne. With no oil in your skin its important to mostuirise and wear sunscreen with on this medicine​. 10 mgs for milder breakouts or maintence dose ..
    Accutane is for removing oil from skin by stopping its production. Impoosible to get spots with this, will cure and prevent acne. With no oil in your skin its important to mostuirise and wear sunscreen with on this medicine. 20mgs for strong results fast ..
    Clomid is a natural testosterone booster. Used for testosterone replacement therapy or as PCT ..
    Tamoxifen is for controlling your estrogen levels as part of PCT or during a cycle to prevent gynocomastia (man boobs) or similar. Great, effective drug. The standard anti estrogen. 20 mgs per tablet ..
    British pfizer, pharmacy grade xanax, limited availability due to its nature. Extremely rare. The product is for anti anxiety and relaxing. Selling the product per blister due to low availibility. 10 tablets per blister ..
    Pharmacom is an extremely refined product for elite performance only, Pure and high concentration with minimum possibly impurities. Excellence in the industry. Testosterone ethanthenate is a slow acting testosterone, Good idea to stack this product (with tren or deca depending on goals) or at least ..
  • T3
    Pharmacy grade t3, for fat loss. Very safe and effective fat burner, for best results use with a mild anabolic as t3 can be catabolic.  ..
    Pharmaceutical grade levothyroxine (t4) for use with or after long durations of t3 to normalise thyroid function.   ..
    Zolpidem is a sleeping tablet for people who have trouble falling asleep. No hangover or grogginess upon waking. ..
    Zopiclone is a strong sleeping tablet for people who have real difficulty sleeping. Both falling asleep and staying asleep. Not recommended to take for long periods. but when you need a guarenteed 8 hours, theres no better tablet. Take care and do your research  ..